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We all want our printed t-shirts to retain their colors and vibrancy for as long as possible. Below are some easy to follow tips in order to keep the clothing purchased from Church Pew Slay colorful and vibrant for longer, so that you will get the most out of your purchase.

1. Turn your shirts inside out before putting them into the washing machine

This trick will provide more “protection” and less direct contact of the shirt prints to other garments.

2. Wash your shirts with cold water

When it comes to washing your shirts, cold water is always much better than hot or warm water. 


3. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners

Regular detergent will do. Bleach, strong detergents and fabric softeners might damage the ink on your shirts. Go for a milder detergent.


4. Do not iron shirt prints

Never iron directly on t-shirt prints. If there is really a need to iron, lower the temperature settings of the iron, turn the t-shirt inside out and iron. Again, heat is always bad for t-shirt prints, prolonged ironing will damage the prints, causing them to peel.

5. Avoid dryers at all cost

Heat is always bad for prints! Heat shrinks garments, and they also damage t-shirt prints, making them crack or peel. For best results, hang dry your shirts the old fashion way.


6. Wash similar clothes together

Wash whites with whites and colors with colors. Colored shirts can bleed onto the white shirts causing them to loose their brightness. Also, harsher fabrics like denim may cause prints to peel when rubbed against softer fabric or prints during washing.

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